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Safari Helpful tips

There are a whole host of things to consider before you set off exploring Africa, the world’s most magical continent. Suggestions include what to pack and how to make the most of your time. We hope they will be helpful when planning your next safari.


What’s a Safari without taking a couple of pictures to share with your friends, family or to reminisce long after your trip? These days most phones have pretty decent cameras so this would work too.

Walking Boots

Nature walks offers a walking in the bush experienced accompanied by a ranger ( we don’t have trackers) learning and appreciating plants and insect life, identifying paws or hoof prints. Boots are a must for this as you never know what you might step on, at least not a snake during  the  bush walk wearing just flip flops or sneakers.

Favourable Clothes

Preferably shorts and t-shirts or light trousers for the daytime. Neutral tones like beige, khaki, stone and brown don’t show the dirt and dust that are exposed when clothes get dirty.

Wide brimmed hat – This is to shade you from the sun – this should have straps so it’s not blown off in an open roof top vehicle.

Pair of binoculars

At times the animals are at a distance (we don’t do off road driving) so the binoculars will definitely come in handy. The sanctuary also hosts amazing array of birds and the binoculars brings them up close.