Attractions at Taita Hills

Nearby attractions:

  • Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary Located in the Sanctuary
  • World War1 Museum and battlefields Located in the Sanctuary
  • Mzima Springs (66.3km from the Sanctuary); Usually included as a package visit to Tsavo West National Park with lunch.

Game Drives

Early morning and late afternoon game drives provide an ideal opportunity to view and photograph the diverse wildlife species within the sanctuary. The water holes near the lodges provides a wonderful opportunity to view animals at close proximity within the comfort and confines of the lodges.

Walking Safaris

It is an opportunity to experience the unique flora, fauna and dynamism of this fascinating ecosystem. Take a nature walk with an experienced ranger guide, learning the intricacies and connectivity of an enabling environment immersing in the solace and tranquility of the wilderness. The nature walk provides an opportunity to deepen the connection with the natural world.

Bird Watching

Over 350 bird species including resident and migrant bird species have been recorded and documented in the sanctuary. Three endemic bird species can also be viewed at the nearby Taita hills; i.e. the Taita thrush. Taita Apalis and Taita white eye.

Taita Hills WWI Museum

Battlefield tourism specializes in tours of battlefields, cemeteries, memorials and related historic sites all around the world. It focuses on historic battlefields where the fighting is long past and is much more strongly linked to heritage and commemoration.

Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Kenya has taken the lead in East Africa by identifying all these leads and has come up with an exciting historical journey told in pictures and an artefacts museum at Taita Hills Resort & Spa. This artefacts museum will be the start point of the “Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary World War 1 battlefield tours.