Tsavo Run

Tsavo Heritage Foundation

Tsavo Run

TsavoRun is an annual fundraiser event held within the Tsavo ecosystem, it is a project under the fundraising programs of the Tsavo Heritage Foundation in collaboration with other stakeholders and well-wishers.

The event has a variety of features including: entertainment groups, showcasing best practices among counties, cycling race, relay races and the Ultra-Marathon endurance event, the Ekiden, covering a stretch of 84 Kilometers. There are participant’s awards and medals for teams or individuals winning in the various categories.

Tsavo run intend to supplement the fundraising activities of the foundation so as to fund the various programs envisioned.

Tsavo Heritage Foundation (THF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to restore and conserve the heritage of Tsavo Ecosystem in a holistic manner. THF uses a participatory methodology framework to engage stakeholders such as government (county and national), international organizations, local non-governmental organizations, corporate sector, universities, community based organizations and local communities to enhance efforts towards environmental conservation and improvement of livelihoods in and around the Tsavo Ecosystem and Dispersal Areas (TEDA).

The prevailing situation

Looming death of a world heritage

Tsavo East and West National Parks comprise one of Africa’s largest protected wildernesses. Together they form a biodiversity of wild animals and plains some of which are exclusively indigenous to the region. They hold one third of Kenya’s total elephant population.

Tsavo lies on one of the main North-South migration routes for birds and animals which collectively form a unique biodiversity feature in the world. Some of the protected areas (parks and reserves) that are part of this feature include Nairobi National Park, Amboseli National Park, Chulu National Park, Shimba Hills National Reserve, South Kitui National Reserve, Boni National Reserve and Dodori National Reserve, forming a complex of intricately linked national parks and reserves.

This complex of national parks and game reserves were traditionally watered by streams, rivers, lakes and dams originating from the various water towers within the complex

Tsavo Heritage Foundation Interventions

Awareness and Resource Mobilization

Tsavo Heritage Foundation hosts an annual multi category event to drive resource mobilization with a view to finance activities envisioned in its programs. The key event being the multifaceted TsavoRun (an annual event) targeting two key objectives: Awareness Campaign and Resource Mobilization.

Tsavo Heritage Foundation seeks to kick start the holistic rehabilitation and conservation of the Tsavo ecosystem and Dispersal Areas, critical to these efforts is the ability to mobilize sufficient resources to actualize the projects envisioned by the foundation.